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“My wife and I had purchased land and were looking to do a small development. We spoke to a number of local, and some of the bulk builders to see how they might help us. The bulk builders decided the block was too steep and many of our local guys were just too busy to help.

We came across Aviva Building Group and they had a display home that won an award that fitted well to our block. Jenny and I met Anthony and looked at some homes he had built. We were impressed with the quality of the finishes he achieved in homes that were reasonably priced, and certainly his customers (to whom we spoke) were impressed with Anthony′s professionalism, follow up, and attention to detail. We chose to go with him.

Anthony got things underway quite quickly and was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic in the beginning. We had warned him that our local Council (Yarra Ranges) was awkward to deal with and could be adversarial. I think the council interference did cost us 6 months in progress requiring a planning permit, as we had a restrictive building envelope and wanted to keep the existing liquid amber tree. Throughout the planning process, Anthony remained positive and supportive while liaising with us and the council in changing the design to meet the planning permit requirements.

The house we have ended up building was a little more expensive than the bulk builders, but is full of features they would never provide other than as expensive options. We have solid timber floors, supported by a pier and beam system that works very well to our steep block (that Anthony encouraged we do), leaving ample storage space under the house. Our kitchen and bathrooms are well finished and quite luxurious looking with stone bench tops and quality fittings. The veranda area is designed very well, facing north bringing sunlight all day. Anthony came back on a couple of occasions to add some little touches of finish in because he thought they would add to the house, and it is this service ethic and desire to please that sets him apart from other builders we have worked with.

We did have a couple of hostile neighbour problems during the build. If Anthony was angry because of their unreasonable attitudes and approach to the trades on site, he never showed it with them. He tried to be reasonable at all times and always treated them with respect.

There were a couple of drainage problems caused by our landscaper we engaged, not Anthony, and Anthony was quick to return and offer advice on how to fix them. Our landscaper remedied the problem, but what we liked was that Anthony didn′t just walk away because the building was finished and he had received his monies.

So, what does this all mean? We would certainly use Anthony if we were to build again, we would certainly recommend the quality and of his product and professionalism.”



David and Jenny Reddin

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