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Anthony Dai of Aviva Homes was the builder chosen to renovate our small home in Watsonia North. The works involved were extending another level upwards and re–configuring the existing layout on the ground floor. The quote he provided was most thorough and detailed all works required. There was also the ability to be flexible and make changes as we went along.

As the work proceeded we made quite a few changes and also had to deal with underlying issues. As problems were identified, Anthony diligently tackled the issues with his knowledgeable experience and we resolved them together.

Part 2 is all of the fun bits, how the house will look and making it a real modern family home as you see in the pictures. Basically, we have seen everything that went into our home. We had unrestricted site meetings, progress updates with photos from administration and constant communication with Anthony nearly everyday, which made us feel we were always part of the process and on the same level. With our ideas, plans and unexpected changes, we ended up having a new home internally, with a modern and practical design layout with nice features added in an en–suite and bathroom, kitchen and staircase. Even after handover, after we moved in, Anthony returned to attend to a few items that needed adjusting, again making sure it was to all our satisfaction.

Due to the flexibility that Aviva Homes provides, we were able to alter some aspects of the original plans as we realised changes would be necessary to suit our needs in the house, which at times was a very time consuming process but worth it in the end.

The staircase for example, ended up being a significant feature of our home; something Anthony encouraged us to do. We had some basic ideas and then we drew up a more detailed design layout for Anthony. He then explained to us how he was going to get it constructed using the best materials suited for our design layout. He worked with his team, the staircase builders, carpenter and cabinet maker to change it into something tangible, something we can enjoy instead of just a plain blank wall. It was truly a masterpiece created by everyone who was involved in the process to make it a reality. With the vertical slats, we were able to carry this styling across to the facade of the house with the porch balustrade and front door, which was an excellent idea from Anthony.

Overall, we had to overcome a number of issues along the way and the process was not always as smooth as expected when renovating an old home, but we really appreciated working directly with our builder, Anthony′s flexible approach, unrestricted site meetings and dedication to achieve a high level of workmanship in a timely manner. Anthony and his Aviva Homes team were able to produce a solid, inspired home for our family to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Anthony and Lei Jones

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